Kansas City Wedding Photography FAQ


How long have you been shooting weddings?

2016 is my 7th year shooting weddings in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. 

What gear do you use?

I use all professional Nikon gear

Do you have a back up camera in case something happens to your main camera?


I noticed that many of your collections come with the USB of images. Do we get the print release?

Yes, with every USB I give out a print release for my brides to print their photos for their personal use only. I still own the copyright release which just means that I still own your images and can use them online for marketing, online and magazine submissions. When printing your photos, I highly recommend using Mpix.com instead of Walmart of CVS to match the quality and color the best way possible.

Will there be an online gallery for family and friends to see / purchase the images?

When your photos are done, I provide you with a link for yourself and to send to family and friends that has all of your galleries uploaded. Your images will always be on my proofing site as an extra online backup for you and for me. There is a set time (usually 2 months) that the gallery will be open. When your time is up, all that happens is a lock gets placed on it. Let’s say in a couple years, you lose your USB and need a photo of your grandmother and you, no problem! To reopen your gallery is just $30 per month at anytime.

How many photos will we receive?

That depends on the hours that I shoot your wedding. A typical wedding day is usually 8-10 hours which usually provides anywhere from 800-1200 finished images.

Are all of those images edited?

The way I edit is I cull all images and keep around 700-1100 images. I then take all of those through a program called LR and do a basic edit (Color correction, Exposure, contrast). I then take anywhere from 1/4- 1/2 of those images and give them a little “pop” in Photoshop. All of these images are provided to you on your USB and online gallery.

When will we get to see our photos?

Wedding photos can take anywhere from take 6-9 weeks to be delivered, depending on the season. Engagement photos take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to receive back, again, depending on the season. A sneak peek will be provided before that time on instagram (username: Sharayalm) or facebook, I know how hard it is to wait! 

Will you help us with the timeline?

Yes! I really like to make sure that my Brides plan strategically to try to make their wedding day go as smooth as possible.  There are certain times throughout the year where different timelines work better than others, whether that be if you do a 1st look or not, if your ceremony is outside and when the sun goes down, etc. I have examples of different timelines that we can go over in order to help you stay organized, which you can view HERE.  I will make sure to work with you to help make your day as stress free as possible!

How much time do we need for photos?

Weddings can be a hectic time. No matter how much we “plan” unfortunately, there is always someone or something that can go a tad bit late. I suggest to try to plan enough time throughout the timeline so that when this happens, we have allowed plenty of time for it, which creates less stress for the Bride. I typically “suggest” scheduling an hour for 1st look / Bride and Groom Photos, an hour for Bridal Party Photos and 30-45 min for family photos. This also plays a huge role if we plan to travel around the city for photos, etc. I have never had a wedding where we have had “too much time”,  if we stick to those suggested time, usually the day runs very smoothly even if something unfortunate does happen.

Do you suggest doing a 1st look?

I typically have about 1/2 of my brides do a 1st look and 1/2 that choose to not do a 1st look. I am totally fine with either, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Usually when a Bride and Groom choose to do a 1st look together, the day can run a lot smoother since we aren’t trying to hide the Bride when the groom comes out and vise versa. However, if you have an early ceremony, in the afternoon for example, then doing photos in the late afternoon / early evening can provide beautiful lighting. Check out the tips and timeline pages for example timelines. (coming soon)

When is the best time for lighting?

The absolute best time for lighting is the “magic hour” which is 1-2 hours before the sun sets. Unfortunately, not all weddings can take place during this time, so if we do take photos at noon or early afternoon we will look / brainstorm locations that provide plenty of shade giving nice even lighting.

Great! We want to book you! What is our next step?

Please contact me and I would be more than happy to send you my wedding collections brochure. If my collections look like a great fit for your wedding photography, I would love to meet with you in my home office to show you products of what comes in each collection as well as hear your story and your wedding day vision! To secure your wedding date, you will need to sign a contract and make a deposit.