A question that I get asked quite often is how I go about editing my photos. My approach and goal to my look and “style” is to provide you with crisp, clean, magazine quality photos that will be timeless and beautiful. I want you to look back on your photographs in 50 years and still enjoy them and not be distracted by heavy editing / trends. I try to add enough of a “pop” to really make the photo stand out and provide you with a beautiful photo. 

Here is how I go about my editing workflow. First of all, I get the correct exposure in Camera, then take all of the photos that I have culled through through a program called Lightroom and do a Basic Edit. The Basic Edit corrects color, exposure, and contrast. All of your available photos will go through this process. Then I take my favorites into Photoshop and add that little extra “pop” to the photos. This is also where skin retouching takes place. The photos that I choose to bring in Photoshop are the photos that you see on this website, blog, facebook, etc. There isn’t much of a difference, but enough to make it stand out. All of these photos that are editing will be on your CD and in your online gallery.

Here are some examples of my workflow. There is SOOC (Strait Out Of Camera), then the Basic Edit in LR, then the Full Edit through Photoshop.

ferry - i love that