Album Cover Options

Kansas City Wedding Album Covers

If you are one of my Kansas City Wedding Brides, after your wedding photos are done and you’ve approved your album template design, our next step is to meet one last time to pick out your album cover! This is a fun meeting where you can feel all of the available leathers, touch and feel them and pair them with other leather choices AND see what your very own Wedding Album is going to look like on the iPad before we even order it! 

If you are an out of town Bride, then this page is for you! Down below you will see all of the available leathers there are to you for you to pick from. I know that there is a ton pictured here, but if you want to pick some of your favorites and let me know what number you would like to see…I can shoot you over a screen shoot of what photo you want for your cover and several photos of your favorites leathers and / or leather pairings that you see below. Some of these leathers are very textured, etc…and for some of them I recommend using them as a stripe instead of around the whole album (examples below). Have fun looking! 

Some Notes:

-Leathers # 42-50 and #69-73 are considered a premium leather and are an additional charge.

-Leathers #75-96 are available for flush mount AND Slim Albums (also known as parent albums)


show1 show2 show3 show4 show5 show6 show7 show8 show9 show10 show11 show12 Album Choices for 8×8 Cover 1leather8x8 2 Leather Choices for 8×8

2leather8x8 Album Choices with 1 leather for 10×10 Album  1leatherchoice10x10 Album Choices with 2 leather options for 10×10


1 Leather 12×12 Album Size

show12x12-1leather 1leather12x12-3

2 Leather Choices for 12×12 Album

12x12-2leathersshow more12x12with2leather Examples of 10×10 Leather Albums with 2 leather choices

show13 show14