House Projects: Before & After: BASEMENT FINISH!!


Once we found out we were pregnant and decided to stay in this house, we decided to start on our biggest project yet! One of my biggest pet peeves of this house was that there wasn’t two living spaces and that there wasn’t an open space. We love to have people over and entertain, and we had a decent size walk out basement, so we decided to start down the road of finishing our basement! What a huge project, but it also has been a ton of fun to do and work on! Kyle and I are SO happy that we did this, especially before Blakely arrives! We started around the middle of September and it got completed right before Thanksgiving! We have already absolutely loved this space together and with family and friends! It’s SO nice to have another space to go and relax! 

If you need a contractor, we worked with Tim Champagne with C&L Home Solutions! He was absolutely wonderful and we would refer him to anyone! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work Tim and working so well with us! You made our dream become a reality and we can’t wait to continue to use it!!! You absolutely ROCK!!!!!!!

Here is the before:  Luckily, we already had a lot of windows and a walk out door (which eventually would become the bedroom/extra room down here).  The hardest part was coming up with a design for this space since we had so many of those lovely poles! Kyle and I really thought about what we wanted, and Tim helped a ton as well!  Work started!!! Since we poured our patio last Spring, we really wanted double doors that leads out to the patio. We had those put in and we love it! It’ll be so nice to have those this summer! They lead right out to the fire pit! 🙂 

And….AFTER!!!!!! AHH! Love how this all turned out! 

My goal for this space was that even though it had a ton of natural light, I really didn’t want it to feel like a basement. I’m obsessed with white as well, but wanted everything to feel very light and airy and as large as possible. We absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!!!! It’s one of our favorite spaces in the whole house!!!!! We still aren’t exactly sure what we want this room to be…it’ll be something business related…either a new office or studio! (thinking boudoir studio!!!) We’ll see! 🙂 

And that’s it! For now I “think” we are done with all of our house projects, although that’s what we said last Spring after our bedroom! haha! We are so excited to keep enjoying this house! It’s been so fun to make it our own! We can’t wait to welcome baby Blakely here soon and watch her grow up here! 🙂 

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abbi - I love your floors where did you find them and do you have the information on them.

Jamie - This is beautiful! What color paint did you use on the walls and trim?

Tara Canter - what color is the grey paint on the walls?

Sharaya Mauck - It is called Knitting Kneedles by Sherwin Williams 🙂

Sharaya Mauck - Knitting Kneedles by Sherwin Williams. We love it!

Sharaya Mauck - Thank you! We’ve loved them as well! We purchased them from lumber liquatators! Here is the link to the floors that we purchased. 🙂

Kelly M - Love your sectional with the wall colors. Do you remember where you purchased?

Melanie - Beautiful job on the basement. I’d love to know where you purchased your couch! Looks like the perfect size and color for the basement I’m currently working on. Thanks 🙂

Sharaya Mauck - We got our sectional from Nebraska Furniture Mart :). Thank you so much!

Sharaya Mauck - Thank you! Sectional is from Nebraska Furniture Mart and the paint color is Knitting Kneedles by Sherwin Williams 🙂

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