Wow! I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! Kyle and I have been crazy busy with so many house projects that I will blog soon! One of the most exciting house projects though was getting the nursery all ready and put together! I can’t believe that we’ll have our little Blakely in here anytime now! (due in a week and a half!)

This room was a lot of work! It’s upstairs and before it was a nursery, we honestly didn’t use it much as you can see. I mainly used this room for a storage / junk room and kept a lot of my photography stuff in the room to charge, etc. When we moved in, it was the only room that was painted this lovely (cough cough) green color, and since we really didn’t use it much, we decided to not paint / work on it until it served a purpose. 

That green….omg! I never want to see this color again! It took 4 coats to cover! AHH! Took forever! This room is also the only room in our whole house that isn’t vaulted, so we scraped off the popcorn ceiling, painted the walls, painted the trim, in both the nursery and the jack and jill bathroom. The bathrooms also had carpet and the yucky linoleum floor, so Kyle was super busy taking all of that up and retiled the whole bathroom! 

I decided to go with a very pale pink with white and gold accents for the theme of Blakey’s nursery. I really wanted to do an accent wall or mural for her. Before photography, I used to paint murals and loved drawing and painting for a hobby, so thought that I would try to do huge flower outlines in gold on a white wall for her accent wall. I had an absolute blast doing this! It was so much fun and I’m so happy with how it turned out! It was so relaxing to do and fun to see all of this come together!!! 

This was a huge project, but it’s all done and we absolutely love how it turned out! It’s one of the most peaceful rooms in our now and I can’t wait to bring Blakely home to it soon and watch her grow up in this pretty room! 

Here is the before and afters! Enjoy! 🙂 

AHH! Told you it was horrible! There was even way more junk in here before I decided to take a photo haha! 

Trying to decide a color was so hard…the pink we ended up choosing was called “Island Hopping” by Behr

I tried to sketch out what I wanted the mural wall to look like before I started on the actual wall. 🙂 Then I started drawing and painting on the wall, ahhh! It was so much fun!  HERE IT IS!!! All done! 🙂 

Little Nikon has gotten used to being in this room a lot….haha he has no idea what’s about to come! 

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