Terrace on Grand KC Wedding: DAN + EMILY

Terrace on Grand KC Wedding: DAN + EMILY

What another wonderful fall and beautiful day for Dan and Emily’s wedding at the end of October! It was SO perfect out with such a perfect couple as well!!!! I had so much fun with these two and all their family and friends! Emily’s dress and veil were to dye for! We had a lot of fun playing with how long both were, it was so much fun! Dan and Emily go so perfect together and are such a joy to be around!!!! Thank you so much Dan and Emily for choosing me to be your Kansas City Wedding Photographer! I had an absolute blast! It’s been a blessing working with you and capturing such an amazing KC Wedding!!!! ENJOY! 

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“Writing letters to one another before the ceremony was a sweet, emotional experience. I could hear his voice saying the goofy little things he wrote in the letter, and I couldn’t help but cry. “ terraceongrandwedding_0013 terraceongrandwedding_0014 terraceongrandwedding_0015

“I almost passed out before walking down the aisle! I think being crammed in a tiny room beforehand got me worked up; they even put a trashcan in the hallway in case I threw up! However, as soon as I saw faces I recognized in the crowd and saw Dan tearing up at the end of the aisle, I completely relaxed. And bawled ;)” terraceongrandwedding_0016 terraceongrandwedding_0017 terraceongrandwedding_0018 terraceongrandwedding_0019 terraceongrandwedding_0020 terraceongrandwedding_0021 terraceongrandwedding_0022 terraceongrandwedding_0023 terraceongrandwedding_0024 terraceongrandwedding_0025

“I almost feel as if I dreamed up the day and it wasn’t actually real! I’ve never had such an adrenaline-filled day in my life. It was almost magical walking into a room filled with faces of people I haven’t seen since I was little, friends who moved away, and family who were simply happy for us. It was a wonderful reunion! I think Dan and I were incessant smiles and giddiness all day long. “ terraceongrandwedding_0026 terraceongrandwedding_0027 terraceongrandwedding_0028 terraceongrandwedding_0029 terraceongrandwedding_0030 terraceongrandwedding_0031 terraceongrandwedding_0032 terraceongrandwedding_0033

AHH! One of my favorites! LOVE this! 

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Emily! You are stunning!!!! Stop it! 😉

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You always hear don’t sweat the details, and I can’t reiterate that enough. On the day of, I didn’t even notice that we had a gift table, I didn’t see the flowers on the pews of the church, and I didn’t realize we had cupcakes and macaroons on the cake table. I was so focused on the excitement of the day that my brain just didn’t seem to pick up on the details!

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Ceremony Location: Church of the Ascension

Reception Location: Terrace on Grand

Wedding Dress: Pronovias – Laura’s Couture Collection

Bridesmaids Dresses: Morilee

Tuxes: Michael Kors – Laura’s Couture Collection

Rings: Noble House Jewelry

Florist and Decor: KP Floral & Event Design

Cake: Cosentino’s

2nd Photographer: Jennifer Cusino (Thank you!)

Kansas City Wedding Photographer: Sharaya Mauck Photography

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