Lees Summit Senior Photographer: LUCY

Lees Summit Senior Photographer | LUCY

I was so excited to meet Lucy near their home in Lees Summit MO for her Senior Session! Lucy is such a sweet girl! She took me to a spot near her neighborhood where she loved to explore with friends growing up, and I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun ton see where she loved to explore and be able to capture her senior photos there! I had so much fun with her and her mom and loved photographing her senior session! Thank you so much Lucy! You are such an amazing young woman! Enjoy your Senior year! It goes by fast! ENJOY! 

kansascityseniorphotographer_0001 kansascityseniorphotographer_0002 kansascityseniorphotographer_0003 kansascityseniorphotographer_0004 kansascityseniorphotographer_0005 kansascityseniorphotographer_0006 kansascityseniorphotographer_0007 kansascityseniorphotographer_0008 kansascityseniorphotographer_0009 One of my faves! LOVE this light!  kansascityseniorphotographer_0010 kansascityseniorphotographer_0011 kansascityseniorphotographer_0012 kansascityseniorphotographer_0013 kansascityseniorphotographer_0014 kansascityseniorphotographer_0015 kansascityseniorphotographer_0016 kansascityseniorphotographer_0017 kansascityseniorphotographer_0018 kansascityseniorphotographer_0019 Lucy you are SO beautiful!!  kansascityseniorphotographer_0020 kansascityseniorphotographer_0021 kansascityseniorphotographer_0022 kansascityseniorphotographer_0023 LOVED shooting at this creek! kansascityseniorphotographer_0024 kansascityseniorphotographer_0025 kansascityseniorphotographer_0026 kansascityseniorphotographer_0027 kansascityseniorphotographer_0028 kansascityseniorphotographer_0029 kansascityseniorphotographer_0030 kansascityseniorphotographer_0031

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